Take off your I Want to Believe hat for just a moment. Set it to one side. If the UAP Transparency hearings have proven anything – it’s exactly how many people inside government and private contractor program’s associated with the subject are prepared to come forward and speak.

Should we really be all that surprised Congress voted the Defense Department the necessary legislature to :

pay off all its existing external contractors shut them all down and retrieve all materials, research and data back from them

There are elections coming up in 2024, this can only be accomplished while in a stable administration phase ahead of party campaigning and a possible new administration and, meanwhile, the list of potential whistleblowers just gets longer and longer with more pressure from online UFO Media for them to break their confidentiality agreements and go full-on public.

How else can the Government possibly plug all the leaks and make the problem disappear without voting the Defense Department the powers and authority it has voted them necessary to clean up this mess the Transparency process has brought to light….?

Actually read the Schumer Amendment: the only further disclosure we’re actually due is via the National Archive.

And outside of places like this – nobody else gives a shit and nobody takes anything we have to say about the subject seriously, full stop.

Think less about imminent NHI invasion and possibly consider a little more how completely and utterly we’ve actually been played for idiots from the very start.

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