This may sound like a wild drug addled conspiracy theory on the surface, but once again I have receipts. Truth really is stranger than fiction. Buckle up buckeroos because this is going to be a wild ride down a rabbit hole of epic proportions. We are entering bat country on this long and strange trip.

Peter Levenda has a great presentation in 2011 where he exposes the FBI sm-x files (stands for subject matter “x”) and how they oddly connect to the JFK assassination via peculiar characters. This is a must watch if you’ve never seen it. Peter Levenda explains in a much later interview that this conference is what got him into the UFO scene and involved with Tom DeLonge. Tom reached out to him, so he must’ve had an impact on Tom who perhaps was present at the conference. Levenda is very well published if you want to read more extensively his work but I’ll link the video below.

It’s not until about 40 mins in that he get’s to the really strange stuff with Allen Dulles and Andrija Puharich. Andrija Puharich claims to have held a seance where he met The Nine who were apparently aliens (or the nine principles of God, but the story seems to be a bit dynamic.) This seance was held with wealthy prominent figures of American society who also had direct and very suspicious connections to the JFK assassination such as Lee Harvey Oswald. Allen Dulles was former OSS and head of the CIA (what the OSS became) and as Levenda points out connected to Andrija Puharich who it turns out according to Annie Jacobsen of The NY Times was a part of MKULTRA subproject 58.

Subproject 58 was about procuring magic mushrooms.

It’s also worth mentioning that Levenda points out that Dulles was who JFK fired after saying he was going to disband the CIA and then Dulles also ended up on the commission investigating his assassination which is pretty convenient if you know maybe he had something to do with it.

I’ve come across a very extensive document in the CIA reading room that is from 1986, was declassified in 2010 but wasn’t uploaded to the internet until 2016 titled “COVERT ACTION: SPECIAL: NAZIS, THE VATICAN, AND CIA

Perhaps Levenda being the great primary researcher that he is saw this document in 2010 before it was uploaded to the internet. Regardless, it’s massive and I haven’t read it all yet myself but it covers extensively the connections of Allen Dulles to OSS, CIA and Nazis especially in South America and including the drug operations. Yes, the international drug trade is likely a Nazi operation supported by the CIA. See the Iran-contra affair for further details.

Speaking of drugs, Andrija Puharich wrote a book called The Sacred Mushroom and in it he details some of his psychic work which is more than likely part of his MKULTRA work. In it he discusses 9 Egyptian Gods allegedly channeled.

Puharich meddled in hypnotism, drugs and according to some sources low frequencies (sounds like “psychotronics” and Havana syndrome) as ways to influence peoples minds. He also is responsible for the sensation of Uri Geller. Of course, this then connects him to Hal Puthoff because Geller briefly was part of his psychic program. Uri Geller’s website calls The Nine a very influential dangerous cult and basically claims that they still operate and influence politics.

“The evidence we have gathered strongly suggests that Tom and his fellow gods originated, not in the stars, but behind closed doors as part of a CIA mind control experiment. And what happened to that experiment? Now with hundreds of thousands of devotees, some in very high places, can The Nine be deemed a success? Of course, that depends very much on what the CIA had in mind. With their subtle racist propaganda, perhaps the flaky New Age Nine should worry the hell out of us.”

It’s worth noting that cults directly influencing politics (in all countries) is a historically well documented thing it’s just not talked about much. UFO and/or alien cults are also fairly large and arguably influential but not talked about much. I actually cover a disturbing one in the article below.

For extra credit I found a video of Puharich talking about The Nine.

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