Warning: Extremely distressing footage of a corpse contained within this episode, but you’ll know when it’s coming up, if you don’t want to watch that clip. Aliens Attack Village in Peru – YouTube

Is The MEDIA COVERING UP The Alien Attack in Peru? + UFO Footage! #PelaCara #FacePeelers – YouTube

The intensity and scale of comments flooding a thread with ridicule and insults in order to make people doubt their own judgment and fear being seen as gullible, seem to me to be the sum of a) how much corroborating independent eyewitness testimony and/or other types of corroborating evidence there are for it, and how real it looks (if footage), and b) how frightening the authorities think the implications would be to the people who don’t already know there are cruel ETs that pick off unlucky individuals sometimes.

This story is getting absolutely bombarded with ridicule and shame-based emotional appeals with really terrible attempts to prove it wrong, just like the MH370 video. They seem to think people will freak out, but humans have lost our ability to react to danger, the governments massivley overestimate people’s self-preserveration instincts.

They thought people would “panic” during the pandemic and instead what caused mayhem in hospital was the complacency and stubborn refusal to make any changes in response to a threat.

If the governments around the world announced this has been happening since at least the 1950s, which it has, I truly think most people would express fear for a few days, then the “how DARE you try to warn me about danger” switch would flip on and they’ll start camping and farming MORE just to spite the warnings, like the “covid parties” and like tornado chasers.

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