19 hours ago, /u/BEERD0UGH made a post about a spaceX rocket in which he claims that the entire clip is “not CGI”. However, that is demonstrably FALSE.

Post I’m referring to: https://old.reddit.com/r/UFOs/comments/15ltrut/reminder_this_video_is_not_cgi/

Now, 90% of the video is not CGI. But the clip from 1:14-1:26 IS CGI, and here is why:

In 1:14-1:26 we see a closeup of the rocket from underneath it, in which the camera rapidly changes camera angle. However, it would be impossible to get that shot from under a rocket safely. No other footage from such a small angle under a rocket exists like that, for this exact reason.

There is significant camera shaking in the subsequent MORE-ZOOMED OUT CLIP immediately following 1:14-1:26, because that one is real (not CGI). Why is there camera shaking in a clip recorded from a greater distance, but no camera shaking in a clip recorded closer (under the rocket)? Because the 1:14-1:26 clip is CGI.

Look at the clouds and the color of the sky. The clouds in the 1:14-1:26 segment are totally different from the subsequent segment. Again, because it IS CGI.

There’s a TREMENDOUS amount of dangerous disinformation floating around in this sub. And the post I’m referring to one which claims to be “real” is a prime example.

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