The Sleeping Knowledge Giant – Past, Present and Possibles.

Aug 11th 2023

I see a lot of discussion about what it will mean to our present civilization if its discovered that other intelligent species besides humans are on the planet with us, regardless if their origins, and I of course think this would be of massive portent and effect. But I don’t hear a lot of people talking about what an new/alien/alternate intelligence may be able to offer or reveal or share with humanity which would be equally if not more momentous when it comes to knowledge. Namely; Past History, Current Events/Alternate History and Future Potentials. To expand:

Past History meaning; What is the true and accurate history of human development, where did we come from, what influences occurred, how have we reached this stage? If for instance there is concrete documented evidence of a 100,000 years of development which we have little to no traces of, that data alone will turn nearly every religion on its head, nearly every scientist back to the drawing board and cause a social upheaval like never before seen in recorded history.

Current Events/Alternate History meaning; I believe, in theory, that any highly advanced beings are going to have a very very clear viewpoint of what our world affairs actually look like, including the exact technology state of every country, their exact strengths and exact vulnerabilities. Simply through advanced surveillance which would naturally exist. This would be a goldmine for any country who could have that knowledge alone, but the only fair thing would be to reveal it equally to the whole world at once, but again, this would cause MASSIVE upheaval. For instance if it’s cleverly shown that the US will have a commodity collapse within a decade, or that China will have an agriculture collapse soon or that climate change will flood every coastline within 20 years. Also, if some reports are correct that there has been work on observing timelines/alternate dimensions. Being made aware of what alternate courses humanity could have or has made in other dimensions and the resulting data for those, may well change the course of our entire world as it will no longer be able to be whitewashed as a guessing game of, “If we go green we will collapse Capitalism” arguments. Blah blah.

Future Potentials meaning; If we have it revealed that the universe or the limits of our current understanding are much bigger/different/optional than we have ever conceived. For instance, if we partner with our new friends and can start Habitats on other planets within decades instead of centuries. Or we are able to harvest resources from throughout the collar system. Or we are able to have limitless alternate energy brought to every country. These things could bring the realm of humanity exploring the stars “someday”, to it being an optional career choice for our children to live off-planet, or in other dimensions…who knows. The great opportunity to grow past this age of unnecessary human suffering, let alone poverty, sickness and abuse of power, could all be through a doorway that is opened by greeting new species which have already fully or partially overcome those hurdles during their own evolution.

That’s my thought experiment, what do other people think?

Ra’Schu’Diobel Brante

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