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This is such a logical fallacy, that it’s actually absurd so many are using this one as a safety net.

Out of the hundreds and hundreds of credible UAP videos that are faked, floating out in the web, 1 or 2 were confirmed to be real in the past what? 25 years?

Not only that, comments and rebuttals like those make the community look like a joke and if you apply this argument to all somewhat credible videos, we’ll be stuck in a loop in the midst of well done fakes.

We have to focus on the real, declassified and genuine videos, testimonies, documents and information we know is real.

Can we discuss if a video or piece of info is legitimate or not? Absolutely.

Is the Airliner video well made? Damn right.

But an healthy dose of skepticism is necessary to deal with this topic, or else we might as well turn back the clock to the early 2000s, lose all the progress we’ve made as a community in the last few years and go back into LARPing with each other.

This community has been dragged through the mud since the 1950s. Do some research before making it lose the little credibility it gained in the last few years. Don’t believe everything you see.

By the way, I’m not a FBI plant account, I’m not trying to turn people into non-believers, etc.

Just make it make sense.

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