The X-37B, honestly I feel there is way more than meets the eye with these crafts, There are two in service if I’m not mistaken and its missions for the USAF then acquired by the USSF (not to mention the Space Force took ownership of this craft while it was a 2 1/2 year orbit) are what exactly? besides the pretty insane sounding “civilian scientific experiments” are these craft performing? I for one feel that there is much more going on here than is being told, obviously there is. These craft spend years in orbit and it was only announced by the government of its first successful orbit when it re-entered from orbit and was so loud upon re-entry that they had no choice but to own up to it.

I know this doesn’t go along with all the nonsense that is being posted on this sub here recently, but we have highly intelligent people here that I would like to see what they have to say, What if this craft has been spending all this time in orbit monitoring something they are not telling us about that has to do with the current disclosure movement? There is a lot to unpack with the X-37B and man oh man does it have my spidey sense tingling.

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