I have a theory about the so called room temperature superconductor LK99. Some of top whistle blowers and so called recovered UFO materials that are known in the public domain seem to suggest that UFOs propulsion works on electromagnetic principles specifically diamagnetic or diamagnetism. One of the most likely real pieces of UFO material is the piece that was mailed to Linda Moulton Howe from the grandson of a high level military member who was stationed in roswell at the time of the roswell crash. The piece in question is a piece of silver magnisium zinc alloy with alternating 1 to 4 micron thick layers of bismuth. Top metallurgic Institutes say that by all rights this material shouldn’t exist. Any way recent reports seem to state that LK99 is not a superconductor but a new form of diamagnetic material which causes it to hover in a magnetic field. My theory is this material seeming to come from a small random unheard of lab is south Korea is being used as a bridge to make it look like we have “discovered” a breakthrough is diamagnetism that will lead to a reveloution in electromagnetic propulsion effectively bringing this technology to the world in a way that can be traced back to this “discovery.” I could be wrong it’s just a thought.

Here is a link to the crash material I was talking about. Bismuth is the most diamagnetic material known hence it’s use in this material according to some whistle blowers in the early 2000s


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