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Ok guys it’s been sixteen days since the congressional UFO hearing let’s make a small tally of what’s happened since then:

Grusch’s character was attempted at being smeared in a way that triggered all of us (and especially veterans which triggers those of us who might not have served but have family that did even more upset)

“Face Peelers” in Peru terrorizing multiple tribes , supposedly alien

The MH370 video is seriously so on blast right now and yes while it is interesting it is old and it can’t be definitively substantiated with the evidence we have (which is where the investigation has been resting for a long time) so why the sudden reemergence? Why are we even taking sides on this? Applause to all those who are strictly discussing data and not coming to a conclusion

Before the hearing:

7ft tall Vegas aliens

4chan Bermuda Triangle UAP construction leak

EBO molecular biologist leak

Now first let me say that I don’t know if any of these are either true or not. I love this subject and have for decades, I love this community and this is why I’m making this post.

The media and everyone at large is going through UFO FEVER. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but that is NOT the biggest story we should be focusing on.

Grusch’s complaint, as supported by his lawyer Charles McCullough (former ICIG) is for contract fraud. NHI, UAP and the secrets we all have been looking for are actually a secondary catharsis that we will need to deal with after we get to the root of how big that contract fraud actually is. And guys- that’s a fucking doozy.

My main job is working as an organic gardener and environmental advocate. You might not realize it but UFOs and modern ecological management have a lot more in common than you think because once you start lifting back the policy curtain you realize that the way policy works at a local municipal, state and federal level is by an extremely dense miasma of interlocking private companies that work with public/governmental agencies. The scientists work for beaurocrats and the system itself seems to be more set up to support this line of career development and pocket lining than actual practical policy. For example; the head of US Fish and Wildlife has a LAW DEGREE. They are not a biologist.

Grusch’s complaint of contract fraud IS the actual story. It has the ability to reveal the masters behind so much more corruption that it honestly makes me wonder if a UAP crash retrieval program is tame compared to what else that thread will reveal once unraveled.

We’re talking about not just an entire way of life for the elite class but exposing the corruption of the entire system itself. They will do anything to stop that and I think right now they are throwing the kitchen sink at us to create as much friction and BS to halt that progress.

It’s taken us so long just to get us to this point. Don’t let COINTELPRO 2.0 fuck up our momentum. Let’s chill, and support the facts as we know them. Take the high ground, call your representatives and please remember to meditate and chill before doxxing people, taking sides on active investigations or letting the Steven “Lockheed&Martin” Greensheets of the world dominate the conversation with trolling. Love all you people in this community !

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