I’ll start by saying this is primarily just an observation of mine.

We saw this primarily in later 2021 and throughout 2022. New “bombshells” were relatively scarce, and the biggest events of those years were the UAP reports and the NDAA amendments. However, while publicly it seemed slow, we later learned through Grusch that during that time, whistleblowers were testifying to congress, which manifested itself into the UAP Disclosure Act.

I believe there is going to be another “quiet period” after the NASA report comes out, if it hasn’t really started already, in which major events will happen behind the scenes and behind closed doors rather than publicly.

Reasons for this are:

Congress does not go back to the hill until September, so they’re not even beginning to recieve new information. I don’t expect the new 9-person panel/National Archive to be up, running, and releasing records by the end of this year. Most offices and mandated dates usually run behind. The act states that it needs to be created within 30-60 days, not producing anything. Which, if I’m remembering correctly, the NDAA still hasn’t been signed off by Biden yet, so that 30-60 day countdown has yet to be started. Grusch has already said practically everything he can say to the public. What happens now is closed-door SCIFs, naming names, etc. If new whistleblowers are going to start going to AARO or congress because of the hearings, it’s going to take congress/AARO a while to gather all that testimony and act on it The next AARO report is scheduled for June/July of 2024, 10+ months away

I am hoping that this only lasts through the winter and spring, and that by Summer 2024 the National Archives UAP Sector will start pumping out declassified records.

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