Thinking about how these events are shining a massive light on corruption in society

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Older you get the more you realize how much bias, emotion and nepotism shaped most of the cultural normalities we accept.

These negative emotions, desires to elevate the self by viewing separate humans below or having less intrinsic value if they look or behave differently and opportunistic instincts have been intentionally cultivated by the veil of a meritocratic society.

Looking only skywards towards those who sit atop governance, finance and business is by design. The gaze we choose has been intentionally narrowed to avoid focusing any scrutiny upon the massive gulf between us.

This gulf which cannot ever be traversed also contains so many lost souls in so many countries. Poor, innocent, starving, uneducated, exploited and enslaved people in so many places of the world all suffering so that we could cultivate a society where someone could perceive it normal that corporations wield so much geopolitical power.

Something which is only created by their elevation, like a sound vibration measuring the equilibrium of our societal structure being thrown astray. Duality of this truth is that their elevation on an individual level is only allowed by depriving so many of what we all know to be abundant. The only thing any of us will ever need in some form or another, Energy.

Enslaved by the precepts of individuality and modern culture. The freedom we’re all captivated by and enjoy is an illusion created by the ideals of our own mental prison. All of us should be demanding access to technology that will benefit humankind and immediately implement transparency in national governments around the world.

Fundamental truths about the natures of reality, progress in our understanding of material science and true history was hidden from us. I hope we don’t try to pivot the current system, IT IS BROKEN. New paradigms in socio-economics, education, infrastructure. God please lets all try to build a better future together and not continue this god forsaken joke of a rat race.

Been thinking about going to the local news station and doing a hunger strike while locking/gluing myself until they start reporting on this bullshit. Mainstream media is bought and paid for. All the information is out there. Oil families literally own the mega-umbrella-corporation that own most worldwide media outlets.

Oil companies knew since AT LEAST the 1970s in public record about the disastrous effects of climate change. The evidence about the massive disinformation campaigns pushed by oil lobbies in the US during the industrial revolution is easily found. Massive disinformation campaigns about climate change to world governments and their citizens. All in collaboration with monarchies, the giants of industry and respected thinkers due to being misguided. Led by the fear and greed our flawed and individualistic societal structure produces in most, particularly those who seek power over others.

Recycling on an individual question shouldn’t even be a thing, this should be addressed on a national, maybe global level and is a failure, or success depending on which side you are, of public perception.

Sorry for the wall of text. Good luck out there. I’m rooting for you.

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