(I didn’t insert that generic telephone pic. Popped up on its own when I hit post on my iPhone. Not seeing it on the MacBook Firefox version of this post, but checking back on my iPhone, there it is. That’s new as of today on here. Helps prove my point. I’ll write something separate on the very recent upgrades in online tech.)

I’ve started to think more and more that their ability to appear and disappear seemingly at will says quite a lot. And in that line, it seems more and more that some are intentionally showing off.

Doing this the same night as a Starlink launch is a perfect way to challenge an observer’s conviction, both in believing what they’re seeing and later in their willingness to stand by those convictions.

World culture existed through word-of-mouth transference of information for thousands of years. Some aspect of this has been around longer than we have. The same or another aspect has been making sure we don’t wipe ourselves out as a species. Watch Unknown: Cave of Bones on Netflix as a starter to understand this.

The telephone was also patented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876, after the idea of turning sound into signal had been played around with.

The motion picture/moving camera was toyed with as an idea until about it received two separate patents a little over a decade later in 1888/89.

Capturing and persisting the human experience has been the greatest effort of our existence as a species. It’s why we have children and memorialize our dead.

Film and media in general was birthed out of these origins, and they advanced into computational power and the internet and digital capture and now easy hyper-sharing of our experience via social media.

Our cameras keep getting smaller along with greater ability, and we get to carry them in our pocket. Some are better than others.

But honest, albeit anecdotal first-hand acknowledgement of an event is still important.

We know there are thousands of hours of moving pictures captured by the best cameras and sensors in the world, and we’ve barely been shown the tip of the iceberg as we walk around with an infinitesimally greater ability and capacity to pull out these toys in our pockets and do our best to try and capture our realities and connect them.

I know we’re poo-pooing the Peru stuff, but you’re talking about an Indigenous tribe, forced to live on the outskirts of society after they were displaced as the center of it, able to live-stream, with credulous emotion, an event in real time, with the knowledge to document it.

Start fighting your way out of your myopic-by-design worldview.

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