This is the text of the post that was made by user TR3BPilot. I found it interesting and went to see other comments by the poster only to find it suspended 16 minutes after posting. This was the only post made, the account was completely deleted moments later as I was searching for more posts:

“All part of the job. Grusch is asked to play the “we have advanced alien technology” card for Congress by the intelligence community so our enemies (the Chinese, mostly) have to wonder if we really do. He presents no real verifiable information but a lot of juicy UFO tropes and lore. Is “attacked” by his fellow spies to keep the water nice and muddy and discredited to the general public. Pro-alien UFO community – encouraged by all the “truthseeking” CIA guys hanging around – sees it as confirmation of his story. Enemies still have to wonder, “Do they have alien tech?” Mission accomplished.

People claiming this is a psy-op or disinformation campaign are absolutely right. But if you focus on what the disinformation meant to accomplish, it’s the opposite of what you might think. It’s the equivalent of a robber sticking his finger under his jacket and pretending it’s a gun.”

/my repost of this info was autoremoved as possible spam. I waited a few days to try again

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