Hello fellow tinfoil hats people.

There is an uptick in quality posts about the plane video from 2014 and man i love this sub sometimes, posts like these make me really appreciate this sometimes very toxic community

Now to the video My 2cents and only thing that bothers me is that this video is showing the plane disappearing in daylight. The official time it lost contact thought is something around 1:20am myt, wich should be dark as night if im correct. So we either have:

a video of another incident besides mh370 that we dont even know about

or the timeline of the disappearance is faked or purposefully misleading to discredit this video comming out- wrong conclusion, check tl:dr

or the video is fake.

Now to my question:

Does anyone know the time the kid got that call from her dad? This call might be a clue that the plane still was „here“ at the time of the call, but might just have lost contact earlier wich would explain the timeline difference being night and day.

EDIT: As some have pointed out, the last automated satellite communications recieved was at 08:19 am, the last voice communication was at 1am

„Analysis of automated communications between the aircraft and a satellite communications network has determined that the aircraft flew into the southern Indian Ocean, before communication ended shortly after 08:19 (UTC+8:00).“


This makes this video more believable to me

Still the time that kid got the call intrestes me, ill check the documentary again

TL:DR After checking the timeline and data with fellow ufo enthusiasts in the comments, the last form of contact that was received from mh370 was at 08:19 am, wich makes this video all the more plausible.

Wich leaves us with two possibilities:

Either the faker had to have had a lot of information right, right from the start of the disappearing in a very short time to creat such an apparently accurate video

Or were looking at the real footage

EDIT2: There has been pointed out that pieces of the wreckage were found, I remember there to have been some kind of controversy around them. Ill rewatch the documentary as soon as I get home and will write and update on the wreckage part hopefully corroborated by some news articles

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