The first three photos are poorly drawn illustrations of what could be theorized as what is going on in the seen world and the unseen world.

The seen world is what your eyes can see. The unseen world is the same world but you can not detect it with your eyes unless the unseen changes itself to be seen. So in essence the theory is that they are still operating in the same world but are not visible with the human eye and further too would be that they don’t have to abide by our physical laws unless they want to.

The fourth fifth and sixth photos are photo stills from the STS day 75 mission and the Battle over LA.

These entities are existing along side of you but they only reveal parts of themselves and shapeshift into different forms as they are allowed.

Which would mean that they aren’t somewhere far far far away where noone can find them

They are literally in your backyard and in your house influencing your mind on a day to day basis.

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