These are 4 Video clips I found from Area 51. They are all filmed between 1989 and 1992 and showcase extraordinary manuevering characteristics. There is live commentary from multiple witnesses who even freakout at one point as the ufo drops orbs! Timestamps are embedded in the videos!

Clip 1 – March 1989 area 51 – We see a glowing orb that is hovering or floating over area 51. Upon zooming in the Orb appears to have a weird shaped glow. Like a disc severed in half and honestly looks alot like a batman logo. You can almost see a weird protrusion or appendage in the top part of the cleft. There is no commentary.

Clip 2 & 3 – SEP 2 1991 8:09pm – Witnesses are describing seeing a bright light at night when suddenly it starts to drop orbs. You can hear multiple people start legit screaming and seems like a very honest reaction. You really gotta hear them scream. The lights appear to get bigger as per the witnesses and they line up in a formation of 3.

Clip 4 & 5 – January 1990 – 6:24 PM – we see 2 orbs, one orb is flying in a strai6path and another seems to be performing erratic manuevers around it! Clip 5 is a zoomed in shit of the same clip.

Bob Lazar was Right?!

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