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Info from a very well known News:


Conversation translated to english by me:

Pilot to copilot: There are 2.

Control Base: 5277 Authorized directly to EGOBI. Thank you, 5277 Bondi.

Pilot to copilot: It is going lower, I dont know if are the same or there are 3…

Pilot to copilot: The thing is that what distance it is from here…

Pilot to copilot: It is there, we barely see it , but it is there (talking about the third object).

Pilot to copilot: There it is, smoothly. You see it? There it apears.

Pilot to copilot: It moves slightly.

Pilot to copilot: It takes my attention to see how fast it goes upwards and downwards with that variation of altitude.

Pilot to copilot: Besides of the fast movement, every plane at that altitud it moves slow.

Pilot to copilot: Now, the colour changing of that one… -there it goes again. It is going to that way, but much more higher from moments ago.

Control Base: Bariloche, Bondi 5277 in LIMAY. Cossing 253 to 370. We are stimating EGOBI.

Control Base: 0909… (more control base data).

Control Base now ask: “From curiosity, could you identify the aeroship?”

Pilot: I continue seeying it, and im 99,9% that it is not an Aeroship…

Control base: “what?”

Pilot: That IT IS NOT an aeroship.

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