I did some analyzing on the Youtube channel of both @TheHill and @NewsNation of the last 2 months. It turns out every UFO related video is getting high view counts. Especially on @NewsNation the UFO topic is dominating with 37% followed by misc 34% and crime 14%.
The only noteworthy rivals are Hunter-Biden, RFK, and single high profile topics like OceanGate, Epstein-Gates, Feinstein Fall, Flying Car etc. It is understandable that NewsNation keeps reporting although since the hearings there isn’t a lot of new development on the topic itself.
I assume that users of r/UFOs, /r/aliens and #UFO Twitter contribute the most to these numbers. Lets watch every new video and keep the interest high. Those channels are essential as an example on how to handle the topic in a serious manner and they show that you can be successful with it.

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