For the last six months or so here in the Michigan I’ve found myself on multiple occasions browsing the racks in local mom&pop bookstores and public libraries. Not once in my endeavors inside multiple stores and libraries have I come across a section where books authored by J. Vallee, R. Coulthart or L. Kean are out for display. Today, I did come across Avi Loeb’s “Extraterrestrial” in the Science&Math section, but that was it. I’m finding it extremely difficult to find text related to the Phenomenon/UFOs in brick&mortar book shops and libraries.

For kicks I searched my state’s largest library system, The Detroit Public Library, for Ross Coultharts popular “In Plain Sight” and guess what came back? Zilch. Nothing.

What Gives? Any librarians here who can help? Are UFO/Phenomenon texts buried somewhere not under “Science, Religion, or New Age” titles?

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