We can share our UFO/UAP stories here!

I’ll start with mine.

When I was about 12 or 13 years old, my father managed apartment complex in Highland Falls, New York. This apartment complex overlooked the Hudson River, and parts of Bear Mountain were visible to the right.

I was outside at night, playing with my friend and we both noticed a very bright light at the peak of Bear Mountain. It was not moving, so we thought that it was a decoration put up (the people working there do that sometimes mostly closer to Christmas).

For many minutes, it was stationary at the peak. Then, it started to move towards us. Now Bear Mountain’s peak was probably 2/3 miles away. This thing was slowly making its way above the Hudson River towards the Newburgh area.

My friend and I thought it was a helicopter since West Point is not that far from Highland Falls. We changed our minds immediately when we saw this thing about 100 or so feet in front of us, moving in complete silence.

It also had three bright lights in a triangle formation. One in the front pointed towards the direction it was going, and two in the back these lights were white. From the glow of the lights, we could see a black triangular shape.

I want to stress that this thing was very low above the water and making absolutely no sound.

Then, it started to speed up in the direction it was originally going and then disappeared.

There were no reports about this at all and to this day has been something I cannot figure out. What gets me on the “ALIENS!” train is the fact that this thing flew so low and made no noise.

Well, that was my story! I can’t wait to read yours!

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