There has been an amazing discovery from a team in South Korea. They have created the world’s first room temperature superconductor (this is an amazing scientific achievement never thought possible). In the paper they wrote on it they referenced a patent written by Salvatore Cezar Pais. This man is currently employed by The United States Space Force and I believe he is part of the team working on the reverse engineering of the UFOs.
His patents applications include the following (taken straight from his Wikipedia):

A “piezoelectricity-induced room temperature superconductor” with the function of enabling “the transmission of electrical power with no losses.”(2017).[9][10] The Institution of Engineering and Technology commented that no evidence was presented to show that the device worked and that the highest temperature superconductors so far created worked at around -70 °C.[11] A “plasma) compression fusion device” (2018),[7][12][13] described by Popular Mechanics as a “compact nuclear fusion reactor” that “seemingly stretch[es] the limits of science.”[14] An “electromagnetic field generator and method to generate an electromagnetic field” (2015), the principal stated application of which is to deflect asteroids that may hit the Earth. The patent is assigned to the US Secretary of the Navy.[15] A “craft using an inertial mass reduction device” (2016), one embodiment of which could be a high speed “hybrid aerospace/undersea craft” able to “engineer the fabric of our reality at the most fundamental level”,[6] the patent application for which was supported by the Naval Aviation Enterprise’s chief technical officer on the grounds that the Chinese military were already developing similar technology.[1] A “high frequency gravitational wave generator” that may be used “for advanced propulsion, asteroid disruption and/or deflection, and communications through solid objects.”(2017).[16]

I found an interview with Salvatore Cezar Pais from last month that really brings me to a new understanding of how we are all connected. You should watch it as I believe this guy has insight into things most of us do not have the privilege to explore. Check it out .
Once you’re done that and you are more curious about the science check out his other interview here:
Our understanding of the whole universe is about to change over the coming months/years.

The department of energy has recently made major progress on a fusion reactor

I just found out that Ken Klipesnstein, the man who is currently trying to discredit Grusch, father is currently employed at the department of energy.

Alien tech is showing up in the wild now and we need to look there if we want more answers.

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