UFODAP. Can’t wait to buy, will post captured video.

I’m hoping that someone else in the Cincinnati Ohio area is as interested in this subject and the recent events as me and will join me in creating a legit UFO/strangeness field team. I’m looking to purchase the UFODAP above and the software. Anyone have any reviews or comments??? Has anyone used or seen this in action before? Also I apologize for the re posting but I guess there is a guideline I must be missing with my post because it keeps getting removed. Im tired of just reading my Reddit every night and watching every single episode of ancient aliens/ un explained and every UFO doc known to man on repeat year after year. I have been interested for close to 20 years and want to create active roles for people in my area to observe and report on a nightly or weekly basis using this system or something similar. Pricey but I believe it’s worth it. Thought???

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