Hi all. First time post here. I’m a massive fan of this community, thank you all for the amazing content and scrutiny.

I have a concern that I’ve not seen mentioned (but apologies if it has been discussed before); if we do get admittance and damn even contrition from the US government – doesn’t that give dangerous credence to the notion that everything they say is bollox? It’s been easy for the media and officials to dismiss conspiracy theorists with derogatory rhetoric for generations. And I don’t just mean UFO’s – there’s 9/11, Moon Landings, JFK, etc etc. (not taking a stance on any of these btw)

If the US government were to actually declare in a public forum – ‘we were lying and this’. Where does that leave them? And their ability to govern?

Dearly hope I’m worried about nothing, but do worry that this confidence stalemate may preclude any chance of the government admitting to what’s really going on. It would surely leave their position untenable.

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