I don’t want to be a party pooper, but I have a feeling this has to be said.

I get it. The UFO topic is very interesting, and it’s fun to speculate: Where is the big UFO hidden? Who’s in on the conspiracy? How did Lue arrive at his conclusions? What does somber mean? Etc. We all – me included – would love to be that brilliant guy who cracks the case and brings out the truth.

But, let’s be realistic about this. If this stuff is real, if there is really a secret crash retrieval & back engineering program, if American satellites regularly track fast walkers and so on – then most of this stuff is classified and hasn’t seen the light of the day. There are people in the know, and they know a hell of a lot more than we do.

Now, we don’t have nothing. But we got awfully little details. And as much as I’d like to connect the dots, I think there’s a very high chance that there are not enough dots out there to connect in order to get a good picture.

I just read on an another thread that the MH370 videos are important because Grusch said there was satellite data. But when he worked for NRO, he probably had access to terabytes of classified satellite imagery. The chance that it’s exactly this 30 second clip that made him say what he said is very slim. In fact, I’d say it’s next to zero.

If there is really a powerful conspiracy to keep this shit under wraps – and make on mistake, I believe there is -, they probably did keep shit under wraps. It obviously wasn’t airtight, but we shouldn’t assume that they were so bad at keeping the secret that we know enough to crack this case.

Now, do I want people to stop speculating? No. Because without speculation, there wouldn’t be a sub. People should only be aware that they are speculating and don’t fall for the delusion that they are the main characters in a grand thriller who will find out the truth.

Cause we probably won’t – at least not from speculation alone.

Thank you for coming to my pep talk.

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