This video really gives me the feeling that this might be real, I usually try to approach any video claiming to have clear evidence or video of a in the flesh alien with a mature, level sense of how much ACTUAL disinformation on this subject is PRODUCED every day… but this one my have just surfaced by chance and yet potentially be the gun. I frame by framed it the best I could and Im able to see in the very first seconds of the slowed down sepia filtered playback what looks like IDK maybe a device or a lens he is holding up in from of his right eye, the way it all flows together…. the pixels…. the darkness…. the random strikes of dark some what obscuring your view of the alleged alien all the more makes me feel like Im actually looking at the real thing here. if they’re going to fake it, no way it could get that randomly pixelated, and wouldn’t imagine it could look so natural.

what do you guys think?

– does anyone do frame by frame analysis on here??? professionally in some capacity??*-10 ft tall alien on video +CLEAR+

WOW. not sure about this one.

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