Footage taken around 6:00am – 6:10 am the same day as posted august 8th 2023

I walked outside stared at the stars for a second because they were so bright this morning. And something caught my eye. This is what I saw. Before I even started recording, I watched this thing fly up and down like 5 or 6 times just hoping it would stay long enough for me to get a recording of it. Maybe it was a bunch of shooting stars like a cluster of them? Maybe it was aliens? Im sure you can tell I was at a loss of words in the video and I apologize for the excessive F words. I’ve just genuinely never experienced something like this before.. I also saw not one but TWO shooting stars while recording this video, the second one you can barely see. But anyway.. please help me understand what I saw out there.

Also, sorry for the audio being played in the background. I ran back to get my phone so fast that I just left my headphones around my neck. It was a video about Elden Ring ironically.

(btw idk if this is relevant or not but I live in Tampa FL and my compass app on my phone phone says I was facing East)

Any questions are welcome but Im really just looking for answers! Thank you and have a nice day/night 🤘🏽💫

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