Instead of a bunch of individual CE5 attempt to communicate with NHI, why not pick a date / time where we all try to communicate as a large group with a common message and communication medium that allows for continued dialog between NHI and representatives from our community with sincere intentions to better understand their motives and desires along with our own.

I would suggest that we as a community pick a date / time (in UTC) sometime far enough in the future where we can all actively plan ahead to choose what messages we’d like to relay to NHI. Perhaps sometime in Q3 or Q4 2024 at a time around noon UTC where we can get a large number of people involved to help spread / transmit a message to them.

What do you think? I’m just tired of waiting around for our government to give us more details on WTF is going on — so why not just get more proactive within the community to open a permanent channel of dialog with NHI including asking them to “make an undeniable advertisement of their existence to the planet” while also designating people within our community willing to do some type of “exchange program” with them up to and including “consensual abductions” if that is something someone in our community is cool with.


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