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Yeah, Newsnation should not have went with a headline that wasn’t vetted (about him being fired). That was dumb and probably made Coulthart look bad. The faster we start talking about what matters, the faster we can get back to the main issue at hand: the coverup. Obviously there’s going to be skeptics, some in prominent positions, until tangible proof is shown, and I think that’s understandable. Some will even be immature and ignorant in their stance, and it is what it is. Ken’s shitty hit piece has failed, and everyone can see what a childish clown he is based on his twitter presence. Not to mention the lowlife tactics and intentions behind his article. Not much point dwelling on it, though, since it seems nobody is really taking him seriously. He’s going to flail a bit more (he’s calling Coulthart “Crocodile Dundee” on twitter at the moment), but just ignore him. He’s nobody, and clearly knows nothing about this topic. Dagummit.

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