There has never been a Ufo crash onto the Earth. Aliens have never visited. Aliens have never magically zapped someone through their bedroom ceiling or through walls. Aliens have never “probed” any human. There are no mass government conspiracies.

You asked whats my proof?

1.)Common Sense ROSWELL = TOTAL BS You really think that a “Advanced Civilization” that has the ability to “star travel” would crash on a primitive planet, In a thunderstorm?? Do really think that an Advanced Spacecraft from another civilization is going to get shot down by 1948 Earthling Technology? Since 1948 their has been NO Proof whatsoever of the Roswell Incident except, maybe some confused old people or people trying to sell a book.

You really think that US Government in 1948 is capable of keep a story such as a Crashed UFO and Alien Bodies secret from the citizen and media?

60 years later and the government can’t prevent leaks from getting out.

There is NOT ONE Legit Picture of a Alien or its Ship. NO Debris from the crashed ufo.


Modern Times Even today people refuse to believe that aliens have never visited this planet.

People Site Google, Youtube Videos, Blogs… and they believe these thing because they WANT to believe.

Sorry but Blogs and youtube are not legit sources. Personal Blogs are not legit.

Every single video is a light in the sky and 99% of these videos are Planes, Stars or Helicopters.

Then we have the shaky videos, where the the “witness” KNOWS hes looking at a plane or helicopter, but he shakes camera to make its seem more then what it really is. While pretending he is “scared or nervous.”

This happens in 99% of all videos. A contrail is not a ufo, a balloon is not a ufo , a plane is not a ufo.

Then we have the crap Photos of white spots on a dark background. Which anyone with Computer skills can replicate using something as simple as Microsoft paint. We have pictures of Bugs, Birds, More Planes.

There is NOT ONE LEGIT PHOTO of Mr. Alien. or his ship.

Alien Abductions

80% Confused people remembering experiences they had with Uncle Bob when they was 7.

To think a civilization would travel through the stars to your bedroom somehow make you float through your ceiling/roof without NO witnesses.. Is total Bull. These are fantasies.

20% people are scifi fans and make this crap up.

Stories We have people who claim they are aliens. People who claim they can channel Aliens People who talk to alien regularly And Confused people who believe the people I listed above.

Summary Aliens have never visited Roswell Never Happened. There is no Picture/Video Proof Anywhere. Stories are made up by people with very active imaginations. Alien Abductions… People need to Report Uncle Bob to the Authorities. I’m waiting for Disclosure! I’m waiting for Alien Invasion that apparently suppose happen this month, just like it was suppose to happen every month for the last 20+ years.

Aliens Have Never Visited This Planet And Never Will! Stopping reading your scifi! And take a stop smoking the POT.

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