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Submission statement: The anti-disclosure movement is trying to play dumb with us after Grusch’s appearance under oath at the HOC hearing.

Some public officials are resorting to simply say that “we don’t know anything about that“. Guys, understand the following: when public officials says this, they’re acting as if the public wants them to give proof of Grusch’s allegations. THIS IS A DIVERSION TACTIC.

Our focus should be in pressuring them to INVESTIGATE Grusch’s claims. Anything else is a diversion tactic to waste our time while waiting for the public at large to forget about Grusch’s claims.

Anytime a public official says that “I don’t have any knowledge of these things”, our answer should be that THIS IS NOT THE POINT because Grusch already made clear that those programs are HIDDEN. They’re essentially telling us that “we don’t know what we don’t know”, which is STUPID. They’re obviously playing dumb as hell with the American public.

They need to be relentlessly pressured to INVESTIGATE those claims, not answer them. They obviously do not have the answers, which is why they need to search for them.

Negligence to investigate Grusch’s claims should be penalized as a derelict of duty.

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