To be fair, I don’t know much about the MH370 incident except some pieces from the news back in 2014. I haven’t seen any documentary or additional information about this case at all (yet). Yet I am very interested about the viral airliner videos and the topic UFOs I’m general. I noticed all posts are about the analysis of the video and location, etc. But I don’t see any analysis of the passengers, which might lead to a better understanding.

I know that the MH370 is still a mystery, which indicates that this is STILL, not a solved case. I heard about alleged wreckage from the plane, but this can be faked without much money/time.

Again, I haven’t much researched (yet).

Back to the passengers: Were there any relevant/important passengers/pilots in that plane that might “explain” this particular match of the airliner videos? Who were they? Were there unconfirmed/undocumented passengers? What is publicy known about those passengers, etc.?

I mean, why this particular plane?

I think this/such (further) analysis is also important to maybe solve the mystery.

Let’s discuss.

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