It isn’t really getting a lot of attention, but in the past couple of days, citizens of Peru have been fighting against aliens and UFOs? They describe them as 7-foot-tall, white beings who are coming down from the sky. Apparently, these beings have been messing with the local population and as a result, the communities have come together to form militias to defend themselves. It has also been reported, that these aliens can bite a bullet. One citizen claimed he shot his shotgun twice at the alien and it didn’t even phase it.

Now, we haven’t seen much proof of this ongoing incident but I think a lot of people in this subreddit are not considering the reality of this issue. Cases like the Varghina incident, Ariel school, Haim Eshed’s claims remind me of this one. And if we choose to treat this Peru case like the ones I just listed, then we won’t get to the bottom of it. We need a sense of urgency to get reporters down to Peru and cover what these people are talking about. NewsNation seems like the most willing to do it since they just did a piece on the Vatican and what they know about UFOs. What do you guys think?

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