In the run up to the last Congressional hearing Schumer’s 2023 UAP Transparency Amendment Act was sold to us pretty much on the basis of the Government, certainly Congress, standing on the right side of the Disclosure Movement – in reality what it actually does, on top of the 889 billion dollars already promised the Department of Defense via this years National Defense Authorization Act for 2024 – Schumer, in addition, grants the DoD unprecedented powers of shutdown and seizure of all it’s existing UAP Special Access Programs as well as guarantee undisclosed additional billions in cash-only pay offs to the private sector companies currently fronting them…

In short – Congress just gave the DoD the power and additional money allowing them to steal Disclosure right out from under us – and nobody even blinked. The Press didn’t pick up on it – nobody.

All the evidence the 40+ Whistleblowers who have come forward to testify as to these materials current locations, Congress just gave the DoD the power and money to move in one fell swoop and relocate in locations only the DoD knows.

We should be talking about this plenty, instead it’s all distraction after distraction.

After the last hearing The Whitehouse quietly waved Schumer through without hesitation – both it and the NDAA it’s amended to will be enacted this December – by this time next year, an election year, we’re apt to be standing like the man who just bought the Empire State Building and the George Washington Bridge, not able to figure out quite why the guy we bought them from hasn’t come back yet with either, like he promised he would…

Now is the time we need to talk.

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