Thinking of; -‘human genome has been altered sixty-whatever times’ -‘refer to us as containers, not sure what we are containers of’ -the variety of the phenomenon -‘if they are aliens trying to make contact, they sure are subtle’ -ancient text and legends and religions -monolithic ancient structures -the Constantine premise, no direct contact, only influence

Maybe not only are we interesting, but we are the primary interest and focus of this NHI culture. They’re so advanced this is their recreation and passion and play and profession, playing risk on this ball of dirt playing Constantine rules. Containers, we contain our inherited and cultural and chance attributes as pieces on the board.

When the rounds are over they repopulate and redistribute the pieces, maybe tweak some rules and start-up scenarios.

Do they have the same arch-type players as we? Does anybody try to cheat? Is that allowed? Is there such a thing to them as playing honorable or gentlemanly? Is there anybody talking shit? Is this high stakes shit or are they playing for the equivalent of $1.00 US?

If you could I’m sure you’d be up to at least give the game a shot, play at least once to try it out. I don’t know…. It’s all crazy.

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