I stumbled across this old FARK post on the topic of Black Triangle UFOs, the ones that are allegedly secret US military craft using some breakthrough propulsions technology and supposedly called the ‘TR-3B’, nothing new for those who are properly familiar with this subject, but in the comment section there’s something that was much more interesting than the submission.

Here’s the link.

The commenter of interest here is ‘erewhon’. Here are some select quotes.

In reference to real UFOs as opposed to secret military craft:

They’re actually shaped like water towers. The little scout ships look like air conditioner compressors, and you see them on building roofs all the time.

Allusion description of the physics of the craft:

Feh. We always called it a reference frame decoupler. I don’t know where this magnetic field disruption thing came in. Maybe that was the name of the cover story. Oh, and it reduces inertia, not mass. It’s a Mach’s principle sort of thing.

More info on the physics of the craft:

Ok, ok. Here’s some more info. The whole thing about mercury plasma is a cover story.

It’s really a rapidly spinning Bose-Einstein condensate. It decouples the reference frame of the craft from local space. It reduces the inertia of the craft, not the mass. You need all the electrical power to keep the condensate cold, to spin it (the motion itself heats the condensate, so you’re sort of fighting yourself), to keep the containment system running (you can’t let it hit the walls) and to torque the spinning plasma when you maneuver, it wants to slam into the containment when you pitch or roll. You have to apply power to displace it. You also have counterrotating rings so the gyroscopic effect doesn’t keep you from maneuvering.

Description of reactionless propulsion tech:

Hey, you can use evoked negative energy states for thrust in a positively curved space!

More talk of the physics of the tech:

Next thread: Neat things that happen when your decoupling angle approaches 90 degrees ana or kata. Bad things that happen if you reach it. (buh bye!) The negative biological effects of temporal rate gradients. And more! Ignorage factor: 100%

Is this proof, or an accurate description, of how this alleged technology works? Well, obviously, this shouldn’t be taken as proof of anything, but I found this interesting enough to be worth documenting. Who knows? Maybe the long sought secrets of revolutionary black project propulsion tech really has just been sitting there in the comments of a minor post on an old site from the web’s better days.

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