So with all the talk recently about UFOs and UAPs I can’t stop thinking about a night about a year ago that I’m just looking to put out there since I see a lot of people doing it.

I’ll have to note I don’t have any pictures or videos it just really stuck out to me at the time and I tried finding any similar incidents but I haven’t been able to find anything quite like it. I know memories can be hazy but I’ve always believed there are a handful of moments in your life that you can remember almost vividly, for me this is one of those.

I’ll also preamble by saying I have always been highly skeptical when it comes to this type of discussion but again I have no logical explanation for what I saw.

So to begin I live in Reykjavik, Iceland. I was walking on a July evening towards the Perlan, a landmark on top of a hill in the town ( if you’ve been to Iceland most likely you know it ).

Out of the corner of my eye I spotted a weird somewhat triangle form moving straight across the sky. Now the “triangle” wasn’t “visible” so much as it was completely see through, I could only make out the edges because it had a sort of distorted glass effect similar to how a funny mirrors edge at a carnival works, all the clouds that went behind became bigger for a very short while and then back to normal when behind the main bulk..

After about 2-3 seconds of following it’s trajectory moving quite quickly it came to a halt and then it got even weirder.

Here’s where I saw that it was indeed a triangle form, from the bottom left corner there was intense green lense flaring for a second before I couldn’t make it out anymore.

How that made me sure it was a triangle? the lense flaring “hit” the edges of the triangle form, but never overlapped into the meat of it? If that makes any sense. Drawing it up would probably explain it quicker. The flare lines basically lined up perfectly with the triangle shape from the bottom left corner that I could then make out completely as a 60° corner. As well the flares that shot to the top and right corner from my pov were only distorted upon reaching the “edge”, similar lengths from the left to the 2 other edges where it got more distorted. No lenses went out to the left side of the left corner. Only slighty away from and on the edge of the triangle to the top and right.

After only about another 2 seconds of those flares hitting it just disappeared as if there was nothing there.

The way the flaring shot off just makes it over the top weird for me. I really can’t explain it on top of the transparent nature of whatever I saw.

Anyway, maybe I’m just going insane. But it’s the first time I’ve ever witnessed something which I can’t logically explain and searching google doesn’t help me either. I’m at a complete impasse when it comes to trying to explain it.

Further stuff, it seemed to match the size of Perlan at least. Maybe I should just go take a picture of where I was standing where I saw it and explain a bit better where I first saw it where it stopped, how big it was from that pov etc.

Really hoping I’m just crazy here tho not gonna lie.

bad drawing to help explain how the flaring shot out:

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