.. California 93065, 6 November 2023, 4.30 pm, or about 30 minutes before sunset. Clear blue sky.

I just saw a ufo. No other way to describe it. Bear with me.

A blurred unrecognizable circular object just flew over me and in front of me at 45° from left to right, or south to north, approx. It was blurry and brownish. Maybe 50ft in altitude and 1-3ft diameter. It took about 1 to 2 seconds to travel maybe 200 yards. Hard to be sure because it happened so fast The only sound was as though a fan had flown by. Or a baseball thrown double or triple the normal velocity. Extremely fast! As fast as a jet aircraft, so wasn’t a drone, a balloon or a live object.

I believe that if it hadn’t been moving it would have been silent. It was very quiet compared to other types of aircraft. appeared to me that all the sound was caused by it traveling through the air so fast.

Very weird! I didn’t imagine it.

The oddest thing was that it looked out of focus. That could have been a function of its speed, I suppose. Strangest and most unexpected thing I can remember seeing.

Look out for any other reports in 93065 area of California.

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