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First of all, congratulations for the team at Breaking Points for the quality of their questions during their interview with Ken earlier today. For those who haven’t watched it yet, I suggest you see it in it’s entirety here.

During the interview Ken confirmed, among other things, that he has been in touch with sources from within the DoD and the Pentagon, and they were the ones to tip him about the specifics of where he should direct his FOIA requests. But most importantly, in the middle of trying to discredit Grusch, Ken inadvertently confirms one of Grusch’s main allegations: that there IS in fact an UAP Crash Retrieval Program, according to Ken’s own sources.

Krystal: Why would he come forward with inaccurate claims to start with? The sort of things that he testified to…

Ken: So, there’s a range of claims he makes, and I think a lot of them are probably true. Where we depart is that he says it’s space aliens, or that we recovered… But, but the idea, I know from my sources – and I think parts of this are public – there IS an UAP recovery, crash recovery program…

Link to that specific part of the interview

It’s important to note that Grusch himself never claimed it was “space aliens”. In fact, he specifically mentioned that he used the term Non-Human Intelligence because they don’t know it’s origin. However, we now have independent confirmation from sources arguably diametrically opposed to Grusch, that at least one of his main allegations are true. The UAP Crash Retrieval Program that Grusch testified under oath to Congress about does in fact exist.

Turns out Ken had something relevant to offer after all, just not in the way he intended.

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