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Here’s our current list taken from the wiki:

Above Top Secret AIAAUAP Best UFO Evidence Best UFO Resources Bobofango’s Spreadsheet Bruce Maccabee’s Website BUFORA Cosmic Pluralism Studies CUFOS Daniel Tarr’s UFO Library Educating Humanity Evolve First Hoodwinked By UFOs Ian Ridpath’s UFO Skeptic Pages International UFO Congress Isaac Koi Key OSINT UAP Resources MADAR (Multiple Anomaly Detection and Automatic Recording) Metabunk MUFON National UFO Center National UFO Historical Records Center NICAP NIDS NOUFORS NUFORC Open Minds Paradigm Research Group Project 1947 Saturday Night Uforia Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies StealthSkater Archives The 5 Observables The Debrief The Galileo Project The Mind Sublime The UFO Chronicles The UFO Investigator Starter Kit The War Zone Tim Printy’s Website To the Stars… Academy of Arts & Sciences (TTSA) UAP – Scientific Research Blog UAP Guide UAP Primer UAP Theory UAP Tracker UAPX UFO Casebook UFO Encounters UFO Info UFO Insight UFO Joe UFO Panel UFO Skeptic UFO Stalker UFO Theater UFO Timeline UFO Watchdog UFO-UAP Connector UFODATA UFOevidence UFOs and Intelligence: A Timeline by George M. Eberhart UFOs as wildlife UFOs at Close Sight UFOSINT UPARS LA UPDB What’s up with UFOs? World of the Strange

There is a browser and description for each of these on this wiki page.


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