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Serious question. Outside of the fact that maybe all these people don’t have any evidence or information (and aren’t “grifting”?) – if this thing is so important and shouldn’t be held from the public, why the hell are all these people still “playing by the rules” – and not saying anything, or drip feeding cock teasers?

I’m talking about the regular people, Elizondo, Corbell, Coulthart, etc. We keep hearing “I can’t say more. I have to protect sources”, or “more information to come” (and it never does). Grusch, fine, I can understand since he is going about this the legal way.

The others aren’t. So screw the rules? If this is so important for humanity, why the drip tease. We can’t use the excuse of shock, or somber, or anything like that because let’s face it – society as a whole just doesn’t care. This won’t affect them or they’ll call BS.

So why? Why are we still “playing by the rules”. Has anyone tried spamming these guys and getting concrete answers from them? There is enough interest?

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