I’d like to know, I seen many air planes that night and they are looked like normal planes blinking at 1 second intervals compliant to FAA regulations. This one was bright and stood still most of the night looking like a start. Around 4-5am it began to move slowly. I waiting till the light was directly 90 degrees above me to see if I can see a silhouette of the air planes. I did not see any just a solid bright light. That’s when I pulled my phone out and wanted to observe. I’m confused. I believed airplanes needed to have the blinking lights. Also I thought their landing lights were 3 lights not a single solid light. Let me know your thoughts on what it could be. Definitely tried my best to get a good view when it was directly above me. The moon was bright that night and I was able to see the other air planes silhouettes just fine alongside their flashing lights. In the video at the end you can see the light flicker a bit ( this could not be seen with my human eyes)

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