Let’s imagine for a second our first hand credible witnesses come forth and present verifiable evidence in the form of craft both partial and fully intact. Let’s also assume that we have HD photos and videos of said craft but also actual alien bodies.

Assuming some of the information and associated knowledge is withheld for national security reasons but some of the physics and various doo dads are released to the public on the grounds that it could benefit all of humankind, perhaps in the form of energy, as an example

Let’s keep going and imagine, ala the movie Contact-style, the worlds eminent scientists and other associated big thinkers and Boffin’s all come together and agree that the scientific breakthroughs are shared for everyone’s benefit and various economists also work together to ensure our financial systems can afford such disruptions.

Now, the question that’s going to emerge through this rather optimistic and idealistic view on disclosure is the uap intent. Eg. Why are they here, what do they want and how do we deal with such knowledge. Again, we would need to all band together to deal with this knowledge and perhaps accept that there are various ‘humankind’s’ here on earth as potential hybrids of aliens and thus with separate purpose?

This is what Lue said once in a podcast and I personally think this is why those in the know are freaking out about disclosing this especially of the hybrid humans aren’t your collection of experiencers but potentially millions? Could this realisation potentially be earth shattering?

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