Falling down a rabbit hole here so bear with me.

On the last Weekend of July, Talks were held in Brisbane AU, between US and Australian counterparts Defence Minister Richard Marles and Foreign Minister Penny Wong, and US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

As part of these talks Australia agreed to provide any assistance it can to US in its military efforts in Space, and the US agreed to help Aus built high-tech missile systems. Interesting regarding the military efforts in space… US agrees to help Australia build high-tech missile systems, discusses Julian Assange in AUSMIN talks in Brisbane (msn.com)

Now the general consensus has been that both of the above points are in an effort to counter any potential Chinese military efforts in the Pacific, and prevent any possible future attacks by the Chinese on Australian soil. US and Australia deepen military ties to counter China – ABC News (go.com)

Members of the Public in Australia’s Northern territory are also becoming concerned with the amount of US military personel increasing in the area. I know its been talked about as one of the potential places for the Crashed Craft that cant be moved, so um… Pine Gap, Anyone? Concerns raised about NT US military build up – ABC Radio

But here’s the thing… less than a week later on August 4th, China has removed an 80% tariff that it placed on Australian barely, and there are now talks of them removing all trade tariffs on Australian produce Australian barley tariffs to be scrapped by China after long-running trade dispute – ABC News

That doesn’t check out with me, politics are a fickle bitch especially when it comes to most western countries politics with China. The Chinese would know all too well what transpired at the AU/US talks and to then up and remove a tariff with no prior warning on the same week these talks were held?

On top of this but more as a side note, Lockheed Martin Australia’s Regional Director, David Ball, did a Q&A on August 7th where he confirmed that LMA would be increasing its Space presence in Australia Q&A: David Ball, Lockheed Martin Australia – Spatial Source

So, here’s where my conspiracy starts: What if China is starting to remove its tariffs for better global collaboration? The US is helping to bolster Australian high-tech Missile systems for defence against something ‘other’ than China? Lockheed Martin are increasing there Space presence in Australia in an effort to identify Australia’s major areas of weakness to an attack coming from above?

Interested to know what you all make of this, regardless of my conspiratorial tangent.

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