What I think will be disclosed in the next 12-16 months.

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Hi all.

Exciting times. We have a record number of community members, congressional hearings, international media coverage, multiple podcasts, and a lot more going on. U.S. I put a lot of thought into this, which included looking at all of the activity taking place (Schumer, Burchett, Luna, AOC, Gillibrand, etc.) and below you will find my prediction for the next 12-16 months. Hopefully I nail most of it.

IMO there is a clear difference of opinion and battle between certain groups/members of Congress and the Pentagon. I believe that certain elected officials feel they have been duped by the Pentagon via misuse of resources.

I am also starting to believe that there is a coordinated effort to push for disclosure by senior elected officials, and it likely goes all the way to the White House. The way legislation has been written tells me that there is a push for the development of a complete disclosure campaign to handle ontological shock. As with anything in government, that will take a long time. They will likely have to hire a contractor to handle messaging and comms. Thats how it is done.

So what will they disclose first:

“We have detected NHI”. No, they will not show photos of dead aliens but will confirm that they have detected a presence and that it’s not us, or the enemy. That will generate a substantial amount of hearings around safety, security and the science tied to NHI. A clear as day photo will be “leaked”. There are multiple angles as to why I expect the leak. First, it’s because it will no longer be possible to muzzle all sources (currently active or previously active). I dont believe that the government will provide any type of access to existing craft they have collected or captured, unless it’s just a pile of debris. I believe that we are years away from that event due to sources, methods, China, Iran, Russia, Saudi Arabia or other. AOC will go after the existing cadre of military contractors due to the misappropriation of funds, and some heads will roll but that will take several years. And I think she will have plenty of support. We might be dealing with a situation where contractors, leveraging previously established full immunity and freedom, have begun engaging in questionable behavior – potentially sharing IP/Tech with 3rd parties. Leading to an internal civil war amongst the war hawks. Big time speculation on my part.

I do believe that a lot of folks will receive immunity packages and that will include certain Pentagon contractors, in exchange for a full transfer of assets to U.S. Government facilities.


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