I haven’t seen this possibility entertained too much here. A lot of the excitement surrounding the recent hearings and the possibility of ‘disclosure’ rests on the assumption that the US government (and potentially other governments) actually knows something about whatever it is their radar and instruments are picking up (I personally hold off on believing that there’s been any acquisition of material evidence until there is actual proof of this provided, more than someone merely stating it exists). THAT there are unexplained phenomena is something that everyone should be able to accept, WHAT those phenomena actually are is what’s interesting and yet it’s conceivable to me that governments know virtually nothing more on this front than the rest of us. That is, they’re speculating but nothing concrete yet.

It also occurs to me that it would be beneficial for governments to appear as though they did know more, in the eyes of foreign governments as much as the domestic public. If I was the US government I would see all the interest and excitement and speculation over UFOs as a goldmine of opportunity for creating an aura of mystery around how much power and information gathering ability we actually have.

Lastly (and this is all obviously speculation) when I imagine the possibility of an alien intelligence with the capability of traveling the distances required to visit Earth from another part of the universe it doesn’t seem hard to imagine them also having the capability to choose whether they are detected or not. And if they choose to do so this ought to be beyond the power of any human organization to cover up. Another possibility is they’re so fundamentally different from us that detection on our level of sensory experience (including through technology such as radar) is impossible or near impossible or by definition inconclusive. Maybe they take shape according to the psychology of the observer etc.

Just an angle I thought it worth sharing.

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