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perhaps i’m cynical but the speed in which all this has happened since Grusch came forward makes me think this was all pre-planned and coordinated months ago. remember Grusch held a previous job delivering classified intel to president Biden. what if he was specifically chosen by democratic leadership as the token “whistleblower” considering his credentials and history working with the UAP task force?

they could have decided months ago on a timeline that follows 1-grusch blows the whistle in tell all with Coulthart, Inspector General deems his information credible and urgent, Grusch testifies to House oversight committee, Schumer amendment is proposed which dictates that in November of 2024 the relevant classified info is released to the public (which is right during the presidential election). Biden could want to get ahead of this topic and even take advantage of disclosure in the election and make it a major campaign issue.

obviously all speculation but it just seems like this has been moving along so quickly and seamlessly since Grusch initially came forward. plus if you remember Grusch said he was given permission from the pentagon. this combined with how specific the language in the Schumer amendment is makes me think this was planned out in advance. and that disclosure really will happen.

Bryce Zabel, co host of the Need to Know podcast with Ross Coulthart, said something similar while also heavily implying the increased urgency to release this to the public is because something bad might be about to happen.

“There seems to be a rush to talk about it. so after years and years and decades and decades where this has all been kind of pushed aside and nobody dared speak the word alien, or ET — now they’re all starting to do it and there doing it fast.

…and the only thing i can think of is there’s got to be a reason that the powers that be in washington DC are starting to say we need to say the words out loud. and we need to get language in right now to get this taken care of.

…and i’m concerned Ross that at the end of the day the only thing that would make a politician act that way in a hurry is that there’s some bad news involved in this. chuck shumer is a cautious man and i don’t think he’d be talking like this if he didn’t think there wasn’t a fire behind his back pushing him to do so” right around the 19 min mark

the governments surprisingly prompt response to Grusch makes much more sense if there is an ulterior motive rather than the seemingly altruistic “the people deserve to know” that keeps getting reiterated.

it’s much more likely something is forcing their hand and the democratic leadership decided rather than an abrupt announcement, a congressional investigation into pre determined whistleblowers would be best to desensitize the public.

potential reasons for the sudden need of disclosure could relate to the multiple UFO shoot downs that happened last February. the reality of how multiple airborne objects evaded our sensor capabilities and trekked deep into US airspace was never adequately explained.

perhaps the decision was based off the rapid increase of UAP encounters with our military since 2021. the possibilities are endless

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