Before you dismiss me as a nutcase, let me explain. I’m a business owner. Started an investment company a number of years ago. Some parts of my business plans I’m pretty open to everyone about. Some parts I don’t volunteer. And some parts I don’t share with anyone. Even my boyfriend doesn’t know.

And on top of that, I got plans within plans. All of them are driven by a grander long term plan.

And my company is tiny compared to what’s out there.

What if all the whistleblowing, all the public hearings, etc. are all part of the grander plan to slowly bring the public up to speed?

I remember back in college I took a history class on the colonization and depopulation of the Americas by the Spaniards. In short, aside from the killings, diseases, famines, etc. There were also a lot of well documented cases of culture shock such that entire areas were depopulated.

What if some think tank somewhere thought that too much info all at once could bring about social upheaval and other effects of culture shock? But sooner or later the truth would come out. So, part of the grander plan is to release the info slowly thru leaks, whistleblowing, hearings, etc.

Do I sound like a crazy person for proposing this?

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