I wasn’t sure if I should post about this for fear of stressing people out and causing them anxiety, but I think it would be a good theory/idea to explore here.

If this has already been debated here, please post the link and/or feel free to down vote the hell out it – no hard feelings at all.

In the Battlestar Galactica remake, there’s a plot twist where it’s revealed that the Cylons (AI NHIs) are indistinguishable from humans…

The plot takes a turn where the few who find out about this are constantly paranoid about who is an NHI and desperately try to find a way to detect them…

This gets complicated further when we find out that there are sleeper Cylons that don’t even know they are not human and can be “activated” at any time and sabotage, etc.

When I thought about what could be a reason for the Keepers of the Secret to think that “panic would ensue” and I thought that this would be the perfect reason to panic. Not knowing if your neighbor or even partner was human or not? That could be socially disruptive for sure!

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