I don’t know I believe that the US Government, or any government, has recovered these things anymore. The UAP phenomenon appears to be real and involve material objects, but I just have a hard time believing these objects are crashing or being taken down by the military.

The truth might be that the government has no idea what’s going on and it is a phenomenon beyond the purview or capabilities of modern science. For all intents and purposes, it might be more akin to the supernatural because it’s so beyond our comprehension, and little green men and spaceships might just be easier for us to comprehend. It wouldn’t surprise me if this is a phenomenon that has occurred for thousands of years of human history.

If all of the world’s governments are in the dark about what’s going on, it would not surprise me if the major powers all want the other powers to think they know more.

This might have been a decades long disinformation campaign to frighten foreign powers into thinking the US might actually have alien tech. Meanwhile, nobody actually knows what this phenomenon is, and disclosure will still make the US government look bad, so there’s a huge incentive for them to bury this.

From what I’ve seen about these things, In particular the most credible reports, I just have a hard time believing they crashed.

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