I have the impression that the CIA would be a perfect outfit to take care of crash retrieval and handling reversing efforts. Is there any data backing up the CIAs involvement? We seem to only hear from the pentagon. I suspect that the CIA is just as capable as the DoD or DoE at such an undertaking. Hell, the CIA could be running any of these programs globally. The CIA SAC is the perfect operation team. If compromised the US will deny that they’re in any way affiliated with them.

OR, quite possibly the best candidate for crash retrieval and storage: The Department of Energy. An agency tasked with storing and protecting extremely classified documents and materials.

Have you heard of the DoEs’ SRT? “Teams shall be trained and equipped to conduct interdiction, interruption, neutralization, and recapture operations directed against an adversary.” (found here https://nuke.fas.org/guide/usa/doctrine/doe/o5632_7/o5632_7_c3_1.htm)

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These teams are employed contractors that protect DoE sites OR can be authorized and ” may be based upon a site vulnerability assessment demonstrating the need; e.g., a radiological/toxicological sabotage target that could have adverse impact on national security, the health and safety of Departmental and contractor employees, the public, or the environment.” (from the same document linked above)

That reads like a redacted document talking about UAP retrieval just as much as it reads as talking about nuclear materials or knowledge retrieval.

These teams are also based on governmental sites but also contractor sites like Honeywell in Kansas City and the Hanford site. Which each require their own research into. I’d love to know some info behind that but it’s definitely behind the DoE Atomic Act classification system which is completely separate from the pentagon and was created seperately.

And unfortunately the CIA has a track record for destroying documents before they’re supposed to.

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